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A little about myself...

I've always gravitated toward technology; as a child I spent countless hours dialing into the internet, wondering how it all worked. I first discovered web development early in high school, following Dreamweaver tutorials from outdated textbooks on iMacs that had seen better years. I quickly took a deeper interest in web development, learning HTML and CSS, and began to see the potential for what could be created on the web. I soon realized that a career in this field was for me.

In college I majored in Interactive Multimedia. In the IMM program I learned theory, and also had the satisfaction of seeing immediate results. I thrived in creating things - websites, branding, music, stories, games. I learned front-end web dev in-depth, along with other skills like digital storytelling, technical writing, and game design.

My education allowed me the luxury of learning dozens of relevant and interesting technologies and provided a strong base for further self-learning, which I continue to take advantage of through courses on sites like Udemy and LinkedIn Learning.

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