I'm Michael Lore, a Designer and Developer

I specialize in elegant and lightweight designs

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Modern and timeless technologies to create stylish and clean websites and applications


The baseline of a beautiful website lies in its markup and styling. I leverage the full power of CSS to create beautiful and lightweight sites.


A good-looking site is one thing; a fully interactive site is something else entirely. I use vanilla JS along with popular frameworks to take my sites to the next level.


I enjoy learning languages like Python and Java to improve my programming skills and work on projects outside the Web, like data science and mobile apps.

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My Education

  • The College of New Jersey

  • BA, Interactive Multimedia

  • May 2017

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    About My Major

    The Interactive Multimedia (IMM) program at The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) is a multi-disciplinary hands-on exploration of technology. The course combines hands-on learning with deep theory and cultural discussion to provide students with skills in web development, graphic design, and video production as well as critical career skills such as collaboration and project management.

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